Aware Safety  mobile application has been developed to improve work safety and enhance productivity.

Aware Safety is a security-focused information channel. With this application you can reach everyone quickly and keep all users up to date wherever their location.

Anticipating prevents accidents.

To whom?

  • For all staff (management, white-collar workers, employees)​
  • For all stakeholders (eg visitors, subcontractors, maintenance workers...)

  • Why?

  • To maintain and develop general occupational safety​
  • To complement comprehensive safety management​
  • For the management of abnormal situations
    (including maintenance breaks, renovation and repair projects)

  • Easy to use

  • The application is easy to use and easy to set up
  • The application is always personalized to meet
    the customer's needs
  • The content of the application can be updated by
    the customer when ever necessary

  • Affordable

  • Thanks to the modular structure, the application set-up costs are low and maintenance is easy

  • Introducing SOS messages



    Know your job and work tasks ​

    Familiarization of new and existing employees to work and work safety instructions. Clear presentation of instructions and fast accessibility supports learning and makes it easy to restudy them.

    Adopting common guidelines and practices will help the entire work community to operate more safely.


    Minimizes accidents​

    All safety instructions and resources for work safety always up to date and available to everyone.​

    For example:​​
    • List of protection equipments
    • Warning signs​
    • Work instructions​
    • Safety training schedules
    • Company info
    • Projects


    Safety for people working alone​​

    Messages and alerts that can be sent out in abnormal or unexpectedly changing circumstances provide security when working alone.​

    Emergency messages can be sent to a predetermined person or group either timed (will be sent when the time user has set up exceeded) or manually when one is in an abnormal situation.​

    The goal is to get the information of the threatening situation transmitted and to enable the quick response for example, through control calls or with the help of GPS positioning.​


    Recognize and evaluate the work risks​​

    Prevent work-related risks by identifying and evaluating them in advance.​

    Clear and quick ” right-wrong” choices will take you through the risks associated with your work or action, and offer possible guidelines for your own learning and action.​

    The goal is to improve your own ability to manage and operate in the risk situations and to help manage risk / hazards in the work environment more effectively.

    SAFETY OBSERVATIONS​​ Risk situation reports

    Warn in time!​​

    Receive security observations and concerns directly from the applications along with location and photo.​

    Every workplace safety observation is important and can prevent even major accidents. ​

    It’s easy to make observations with the application. In addition to the picture, detections can be located and recources prioritized based on urgency.


    Information in real-time 

    Hazard newsletters and other situations requiring immediate attention arrive quickly to all application users.​

    Push messages ensure that no important message is ignored. Determining the priority order will address how quickly it is necessary to react. ​

    Whether it’s the matter of fire or lost keys, your message reaches all application users in real time. 


    Always right direction ​​

    Maps are always available so no time is lost locating first aid, recycling points and the correct door signs.​

    With the help of the application, you can navigate more easily when you are at the factory area. ​

    For example, to help recycling at the factory, all the recycling points can be marked on the map. ​

    Essential part of the work safety is to find the first aid equipment quickly.​

    Using the map in the application, you will always find the nearest aid.​


    Reach key people​

    The most important contacts and the possibility to call conveniently without searching and without middlemen.

    Find the right people and call instantly.


    Additional features ​​

    The application can be customized with additional features to meet customer’s specific requirements.​

    • Maps with locationing
    • Extensive reporting tools.​
    • Integration into customer’s own system.​


    Towards more efficient security management​​

    The content for the application is fed and managed through the control panel.​

    On the control panel you can eg update security instructions or create and send instant messages directly to selected users/user groups.​

    The control panel also allows you to make and define different levels of access for users for either to the control panel or to the application itself.​

    The control panel is used with a computer browser or alternatively with a tablet. ​

    Stora Enso Mill Master

    Mill Master is Stora Enso’s occupational safety application that improves mill’s internal communications and increases safety. The application contains, among other things, safety instructions, maps, important contact information and company info’s in a real time, as well as a function for reporting safety observations.

    UPM Safety Kaukas

    UPM Safety Kaukas mobile application has been developed to improve occupational safety and occupational safety communication, especially during the annual maintenance break at the mill.

    During annual maintenance break, the factory can employ up to thousands of subcontractors. With the help of the application, all relevant information and communication related to occupational safety can be shared quickly / in real time for users working in the new environment.

    Kiipula App

    The Kiipula App mobile application is designed, taking into account the special needs of the education sector, to improve the occupational safety of the educational institution and to make work more efficient.

    The application also has the work alone-safety functionality required by the Occupational Safety and Health law. In the event of a danger, the employee has the opportunity to send a GPS-located emergency message and a request for a check call to a predefined person or group. The feature also works with a timer function.

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